Wedding Planning 101

Congratulations on your engagement! You found your special someone to spend the rest of your life with. The first step would be to announce your engagement and have a little celebration party with your nearest and dearest loved ones.

Next, you will need to start planning your big day from now as so many details go into making that one day the perfect day of your life. This is where the Kiranable Wedding Planning 101 timeline comes in. It has every detail listed that you would need to cover over the next 1 year of your wedding planning.

Starting off from 12 months to the wedding day, the timeline has a detailed checklist of what you need to get done in that time period after you have set your wedding date.

12 Months before the wedding

  • Set your wedding budget
  • Determine the type and size of wedding you want to have
  • Make a guest list- have an estimate of how many people will be there
  • Book a Wedding Planner- It makes all the planning much easier as they are professionals in this
  • Get your engagement shoot done
  • Send out ‘Save the Date’ Cards to all the out-of-town guests
  • Book your venue for the ceremony and reception
  • Book the caterer for the ceremony and reception

9- 12 Months before the wedding

  • Order your wedding invitations and stationery
  • Book your decorator for the ceremony and reception- (2019 Wedding Trends)
  • Book your photographer and videographer for ceremony and reception
  • Book your DJ/ band for the reception
  • Research and shop your Wedding outfits and accessories
  • Select your bridal party
  • Research and shop bridesmaids’ outfits and accessories

6- 9 Months before the wedding

  • Register for wedding gifts at select stores
  • Start a health/ fitness program
  • Shop for favours for the guests
  • Book your honeymoon destination and get the required visas/ vaccines
  • Schedule time away from work
  • Research and book any entertainment for the ceremony and reception

3- 6 Months before the wedding

  • Book the transportation for the day of the ceremony
  • Choose your wedding cake and get the cake topper
  • Book your florist for the bridal bouquet
  • Order your wedding rings
  • Shop for the groom’s and groomsmen outfits
  • Check for the marriage licence and all the requirements, fees and regulations
  • Book your hair and makeup artist and a trial appointment

1- 3 Months before the wedding

  • Reserve any rentals needed
  • Mail out all invitations
  • Get the marriage licence
  • Get your pre-wedding photo shoot done
  • Complete the menu choices and floral selections
  • Complete any official papers for any name changes

The month before the wedding

  • Get the RSVPs
  • Complete the reception seating plan
  • Design the seating chart
  • Review all the duties for family and bridal party
  • Schedule a rehearsal dinner
  • Pick up the wedding rings
  • Confirm that all vendors are prepared
  • Assign someone to pick up and drop off the rentals
  • Pay any payments due for any of the vendor services
  • Book accommodation for any out-of-town guests
  • Choose and send the DJ the song list for the ceremony and reception
  • Prepare and send out the ceremony and reception itinerary to the photographer, videographer and DJ
  • Give the caterer a final head count

1 day before the wedding

  • Get your manicure, pedicure and waxing done
  • Review all details with family, bridal party and wedding planner
  • Have a healthy dinner
  • Have an early night in to get as much sleep as possible to be fresh for your Big Day

The BIG DAY!!!

  • Rise and shine
  • Have a healthy and filling breakfast
  • Get your hair and makeup done
  • Ensure that the maid- of- honour and best man have the wedding rings


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  • Kiranable

    Christy Harper

    New weeding planner. Doing pretty good for first time. Preparing for my first wedding 7/6/19.

    So afraid of forgetting something. What training’s or seminars do you suggest to certify and strengthen my talent.

    • Kiranable


      If in Canada, I would suggest getting certified via WPIC – The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada. Or you can take any other online course for certification.

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