Wedding Cakes 101: The Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t choose a cake before you finalize your major wedding style decisions because you would want your cake to be compatible with the season, the venue decor, the flower arrangements and the menu.

Do have a basic idea of what you want before you go for the cake consultation. Be sure to take some inspiration pictures if you want a custom-designed cake.

Do have a budget in mind. As wedding cakes are usually priced on the number of slices, having a handle on your budget and knowing what will affect it will help you to prioritize your choices. For example, more flavours equal to more money, the more complicated you make the flavour, the higher the price tag goes and each of those handmade sugar flowers will add a dollar amount to each slice of cake. 

Don’t choose the flavour that everyone else wants. Before making your final choice, make sure to try out different flavours that are not vanilla or chocolate and the various types of fillings they could go with. Bakers these days experiment a lot with unusual flavours like guava or pink champagne or even lemon thyme!

Do get your facts right on the frosting. Buttercream is usually more delicious than the smooth, surreal-like fondant but if you still want the fondant, add a layer of buttercream and then cover the entire cake with fondant icing.

Don’t forget to consider the weather. If you are having an outdoor summer wedding, stay away from whipped cream, meringue and buttercream frosting as they would melt in the heat. Instead, go for a fondant covered cake or ask your baker for some melt-proof frosting options. 

Do budget for the extra details. Cake adornments do cost but it is worth it. The most inexpensive adornment would be fresh fruits or flowers while on the higher end are the delicate sugar-paste flowers whose petals need to be made one at a time which is time-consuming for the bakers hence the higher price.

Do have a detailed delivery plan. Always opt to have your wedding cake delivered to the venue and allow extra time and space for complex cakes that would need to be assembled at the venue.

Do give a spotlight to the cake as it will be on display before it is cut and consumed. Have a well-lit table decorated by draping it with some elegant fabric and motifs and some flowers that match the decor.

Don’t forget to eat your cake! Besides the first bite they feed each other, many couples don’t get to eat their cake. To avoid this, ask your caterer to save some extra slices and pack them for you to take home and have it as a midnight snack or breakfast dessert.


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  • Kiranable

    Jen @ Jenron Designs

    The only thing I would add is think of the time of year, some cakes do better than others in hot summer climates, for example a butter cream or cream cheese frosting will melt in the heat and sweat which shows in the pictures, a fondant even if you hate the favor would cover that, and could be removed by guests. to reveal the icing underneath saving your photos. Speaking from years of floral experience, because flowers will not cover this issue.

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