#Selflove this Valentine’s

It’s that time of the year when the town is painted red and everything around you is all hearts and flowers! Valentine’s Day is the day when chocolate, flowers and gifts with sweet messages are exchanged between couples in the name of Saint Valentine. Why not make this day about yourself? You can’t be someone’s special until you love yourself first!

Here are some ways to enjoy valentine’s day with some self-love:

1. Pamper yourself– Prepare a detox bubble bath for yourself with a mixture of bath salts and essential oils. To re-energize your body, try using either lemonrosemary or orange essential oils. For the romantics, use a blend of vanillarose and cinnamon essential oils. Or you could go for the classic Lavender essential oil which helps to keep calm. Add some candles to create the Valentine atmosphere and feel and put on some music. Next, get a good book and your choice of wine/ champagne and now sit back and relax. Give your body the love and care it needs!

2. Declutter your space– A tidy and clean space equals to a refreshed mind. Reduce your clutter by doing small things like making your bed every morning and adding that extra touch of a decorative pillow or a throw blanket. Tidy up your dresser as you use it every day and it would make it simple to find all your products if they are neatly put away after every use. Fold and put away your laundry as soon as it is done.

3. Cherish your body- Cherish your body by giving it the right nutrients it needs that help you stay healthy and happy! Try these new recipes

4. Let loose and enjoy- After the long day you’ve had, give yourself that much-needed break with a night in! Put on a favourite movie and get your dinner and wine and relax or have yourself a little dance party in your living room! Let loose with your dancing moves!

5. Leave yourself a little note- Every night before you go to sleep, write a positive message or goal as a reminder on a little sticky note and stick it on your mirror so that when you wake up in the morning and read it, you feel motivated.

This Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to care for and appreciate yourself! Practising self-love takes very little time and makes a huge difference.


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