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Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue

Finding the perfect venue isn’t easy. There are so many options to choose from. From rustic barns to elegant ballrooms,

Sikh Wedding: Rituals and Traditions

A Guide to Sikh Wedding Rituals and Traditions I’ve often been asked what are the Sikh wedding rituals and traditions

Top 10 places in the World for your next Vacation

Kiranable. Planning a trip for your next vacation but don’t know where to go? How about some inspiration with these

Hiring Vendors: Venue Contracts

Ready to start booking vendors for your wedding? It’s a big undertaking but it is all about staying organised and

The Cosiest Bedroom Ever!

You come home after having a long day at work and you need to relax. And what better place to

The Next Step

Congratulations on your wedding! And now that all the planning leading up to the wedding is done and the ceremony

Wedding Planning 101

Congratulations on your engagement! You found your special someone to spend the rest of your life with. The first step

Samsung Galaxy s10

The next generation is here! Yesterday, Samsung revealed their next S series of mobile phones, the Galaxy s10 series which

#Selflove this Valentine’s

#Selflove this Valentine’s It’s that time of the year when the town is painted red and everything around you is

Wedding Planning: Expectation vs Reality

While Wedding Planning may be fun, it can get stressful. Here are some illustrations that show what people expect and

Wedding Planning Tips

    So you don’t have the time to plan your wedding. Here are some time-saving tips you could use

2019 Wedding Trends

The wedding industry is one where trends are always changing. Here are some new trends that we will be seeing