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Kiran Sahota

Wedding Planner | Blogger

Kiran is a Wedding Planner based in Mississauga, ON and has been in the Event Industry for over 4 years. She loves to write about her experiences from her events and pass on tips on how to work it for the future.

Being a Scorpio, she is very passionate about what she does, which also means that when it comes to details, she is a perfectionist!

Apart from being a Wedding Planner and a blogger now, Kiran spends most of her free time baking and reading classic novels.

Kiranable is the one – stop blogging website owned by Kiran Sahota, a certified Wedding Planner in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Kiranable has all the details for DIY home transformations taking your regular space from boring to spiced up (Lifestyle Blogs). Check out these simple steps on how to transform your bedroom into the cosiest bedroom ever.

Being a tech savvy, Kiran Sahota also writes on all the new inventions and updates being made in the tech world with reviews on every piece of technology used in this day and time: mobile phones and cars. Check out her review of the latest Samsung s10.

As she is a Wedding Planner, Kiran Sahota writes about weddings that she has coordinated and how they were different from the other while also writing about her experience during each planning process.

Along with writing about her experiences, Kiran Sahota also passes on tips and tricks on how to ace your wedding planning process making it easier for those who are stressed about planning it without the help of a wedding planner. Check out the Wedding Planning 101 blog on where to start with your wedding planning. And for those who have recently got married, here is The Next Step on what to do after marriage. For anyone wondering the wedding planner life and how it is different, here you go with the Expectations vs Reality.

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