2019 Wedding Trends

The wedding industry is one where trends are always changing. Here are some new trends that we will be seeing in 2019 and some that we will continue seeing from 2018.

  1. Colour of the Year- According to Pantone, a bright pinkish — orange colour called ‘Living Coral’ is the colour of the year 2019. It has already been seen in many wedding dresses in the past month. The colour is set to be the perfect one for a summer wedding when incorporated into decor, outfits and stationery.

2. Inside-out- In 2018, green brought a lot of class and elegance to the wedding game and in 2019, it still is the go-to element in most decor with the flowers and foliage becoming lusher.

3. Extravagant Wedding Cakes- Royal piping, metallic colours, soft pastel colours on 5-tier cakes are some of the trends to watch out for in 2019.

4. Low centrepieces and long rectangular tables- Going from the traditional round tables with tall centrepieces, there has been a lean towards long rectangular tables with low centrepieces allowing people to easily talk to the person sitting opposite and also makes the couple feel less in the spotlight and in addition makes for fantastic photos.

5. Hanging florals- As they don’t take up a lot of the space, florals hanging from the ceiling are becoming very popular in lavish decor setups. Some kinds of florals used are the tulips.

6. Candles- Never going out of trend, candles create the perfect soft and romantic setting for any event. Adding different heights of candles as centrepieces or even stage decor enhances the entire feel and atmosphere of the room.


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